The IT Crowd

written by Graham Linehan

IT Crowd by Graham Linehan

IT Crowd Cast includes
Richard Ayoade, Chris O'Dowd
and Katherine Parkinson.
Also stars:
Chris Morris
(Brass Eye, The Day Today, Jam);
Adam Buxton
(The Adam And Joe Show);
Noel Fielding
(Mighty Boosh)

written by Graham Linehan (Father Ted, Black Books , Fast Show)
and series produced by Asha Atalla (The Office)

IT Crowd News

6th Mar, 2006
DVD pre-order

You can now pre-order the DVD of the first series of IT Crowd. I'm afraid this isn't until October but you'lll br surprised how soon that will come round! Until then you can put in your order:

5th Feb, 2006
New forums

After a lot of work we have totally re-written The IT Crowd forums to make it easier to use and perhaps a little more organised. Hope you like it, any more suggestions you have please let us know.

5th Feb, 2006
IT Crowd Scripts Online

Oh okay, I confess, it's only episode one right now but the job is begun and with the help of you lot we are translating it into other languages. Work on Spanish has also begun so if you fancy doing any others let us know!

26th Jan, 2006
Interview with Graham Linehan

We get an exclusive interview with Graham Linehan, co-creator of wonders such as Father Ted and Black Books. Now brings us his first true solo work: The IT Crowd.