Maurice Moss : Geek (Richard Ayoade)

Maurice Moss

Age: 32 (lies on dating sites and says he's 22)
Likes: Masters of the Universe, Trek Wars, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Magic: The Gathering, computer related things
Dislikes: Football, Most Telly, non-computer things, The countryside

Position: Geek

Moss (Richard Ayoade) is the nerdiest person you will ever meet. He has all the classic symptoms: trousers too short but worn too high, bad hair, clip-on ties, very bad hair, socially inept, an interesting variety of maths teacher check shirts, and really really bad hair. He can use more TLAs than an RFC on ICT so conversation can really make you glaze over. Moss' sense of absolute logic is unendingly funny.

Moss also possesses the incredible yet useless skill of jabbing a screwdriver into the desk between his fingers at incredible speed. One miss and he'll ruin his typing speed!

Classic Moss Quotes

“Actually it's TAY-PAS!!”

"Chairman WOW!!"

"Somethimes I get a hot ear..."

"Oh! I am a giddy goat"

"You are not going to Adam and believe this"

"what is he, the soldering iron police?"

"it's off, that means I turn it on and just walk away"

"I don't think I'd flourish in a prison environment"