Episode Guide

We really recommend that you wait till it's broadcast. You wouldn't want to spoil it now would you? Would you? Oh well, if you must, click on the series number then click on the episode you want to read about.

Series One

Episode One - 3rd February 2006

“Yesterday's Jam”

Special guests: Nancy Lodder, Laura Pyper

Yesterday's Jam

Jen (Katherine Parkinson) gets a job at Reynholm Industries and the insane boss Denholm (Chris Morris) decides to place her in I.T. situated in the basement. The environment in the basement is not quite the beautiful world filled with beautiful people that Jen experienced on the upper floors. Decide to have a party to get things going. All goes well 'till Moss (Richard Ayoade) tells the wrong story of when he and Roy (Chris O'Dowd) got drunk in Amsterdam.


Episode Two - 10 February 2006

“Calamity Jen”

Special guests: Alison Bettles, Richard Pettyfer

Calamity Jen

Jen falls in love with a pair of shoes. Roy tells Moss to remember to switch off soldering iron. Denholm hires a stress expert with 'stress-o-meter'. Fight, food, fire, screen saver, emergency number, fire brigade. Mangled feet.


The scene where they come into the stress class is a direct reference to Laurel & Hardy's 'Sons of The Desert', right down to Roy catching his hand at the end.


Episode Three - 17 February 2006

“Fifty Fifty”

Special guests: Graham Linehan, Oliver Chris, Chris Tarrant

Fifty Fifty

Roy gets a date but has a bit of shit on his head. Jen fancies the security guard (Oliver Chris) and impresses him by guessing answers to questions on classical music. Roy believes that girls only like bastards so bets Jen that if he put an ad on a dating site being a total git, he will get a response. Chris Tarrant calls Jen during Who Wants to be a Millionaire so she can be the security guard's 'phone-a-friend'. Bad dates. Fights.


Episode Four - 24 February 2006

“The Red Door”

Special guest: Noel Fielding

The Red Door

Jen goes against all the advice and puts the rainforest af risk by opening the red door behind Roy's desk Instead of finding computer 'planches' and 'snibbits' she finds somethign else. From the pits of gothic lair she unleashes Richmond (Noel Fielding.) Richmond used to be Denholm's right hand man until the death of his father and, coincidentally of course, Richmond's discovery of the contemporary dark-wave band Cradle of Filth. Moss gets a new cup that no-one can possibly steal from him. Roy becomes a desk-rabbit. Richmond retreats back into his hole.


Episode Five - 3 March 2006

“The Haunting of Bill Crouse”

Special guest: Adam Buxton

The Haunting of Bill Crouse

Jen goes out with Bill Crouse (Adam Buxton). Moss accidentally reports her dead to cover up a bad lie. Creepy Bill Crouse lays claims he slept with her. Tall Paul dies. Jen goes to her own service, fake Elton John. Scary woman (Judy) tries to chat up Roy who goes up to the land of the beautiful people (5th floor). Show ends in 'Body Snatchers' style moment.


Moss' cry of "I'm insignificant" is a reference to The Young Ones.

The ending with Jen peering through the window is a salute to The Body Snatchers.


Episode Six - 10 March 2006

“Aunt Irma Visits”

Special guest: Noel Fielding

Aunt Irma Visits

Jen has aunt Irma visiting, geeks catch bug, web site setup, riots, dog in shopping market scared, Richmond talks about "rat mouse". Project Iccarus is finished and all the teams are assembled before Denholm. Huge thanks are dished out to all and sundry with, unsurprisingly, the exception of the I.T. crowd. They decide the give the celebration party a miss but end up joining them later despite this. Everyone ends up getting very horribly drunk It all ends hilariously the morning after when they wake to discover the aftermath. Will they ever be able to work together again? We'll have to hope they make another series so we can find out!