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Moss - Giddy Goat

Moss - Giddy Goat

Is Maurice Moss the Chairman wow! or is he just a giddy goat?

jhon said
02:07pm 24th Jun, 2008
is moss

is moss on the video rockstar at 2.12 ?

Dayzie said
05:38am 25th May, 2008
Solve an Argument!

Moss' hair - mousse? My boyfriend (who's of African descent) disagrees with me that Moss' hairstylist uses some sort of mousse or pomade in his hair to get that delicious part. I want to get him to go as Moss for halloween sometime soon! Please let me know - mousse of some kind? His hair ALMOST holds the part, but not totally. P.S. Richard Ayoade? Yummy as all HELL! -an american

Sunshine said
01:05am 28th Feb, 2008
Moss is my inspiration

for nearly everything I do.... and when I am legal I plan on marrying richard ayoade

Mitka said
08:55pm 22nd Oct, 2007
recipe "white russian"

10ml cream 30ml vodka 20ml coffee liquor ;) From Russia with love =))) We all wait 3 season..

˜jhon replied:
02:08pm 24th Jun, 2008


monkey141 said
10:40pm 14th Sep, 2007

i dnt knw y? but i find moss incredibly sexy and unbelievably cute! i find his comments extremely funny and i really like him ! if only he existed in real life!!! love him to bits and geeks arent usually my thing strange! but im totally crushing on him! neone else agree??

˜Jessie replied:
04:39pm 4th Oct, 2007

OMG Geeks an nerds are sooooooo hot!! always been one for that kinda thing but Moss takes it to a whole other level!! mmmmm

˜goth girl replied:
10:53am 30th Dec, 2007

i totally knw what u mean because i like this guy who was in my class and he was so nerdy and obsessed with doctor who and he's cute as that's why i like him

˜jhon replied:
02:11pm 24th Jun, 2008

if your a girl!

katie said
12:19pm 9th Jun, 2007
mossy for lifey

im going to murder you, you bloody woman lol at moss. hes well funny.

˜goth girl replied:
07:56am 2nd Feb, 2008

you are so right!!!!!!!!!

˜jhon replied:
02:13pm 24th Jun, 2008

yes thats funny very funy

Richmond said
07:43am 19th Apr, 2007
The best phrase

Moss is good at making memorable phrases, but what is your favourite? Moss 4 Bafta

˜Caitlin replied:
11:45pm 7th Jun, 2007

Jen: what did you eat for breakfast? Moss: Smarties cereal Jen: I didn't even know they MADE smarties cereal Moss: They don't, it's just smarties in a bowl of milk

˜Q*bert replied:
11:22am 14th Jul, 2007

"Mum, you're making it go back in!"

˜Cirel replied:
02:23pm 27th Dec, 2007

When Moss is reading the fire extinguisher instuctions in the second episode of the first serise and they read "Stand up-right" so Moss stands up-right and says "I cant read the instuructions now! " "Oh! I am a giddy goat, it doesn't mean me!..." When i first heard it i was rotfl!

˜Cirel replied:
02:25pm 27th Dec, 2007

Or when Jen invites Roy and Moss round for a dinner party and she says "No longh and boring conversations about memory or RAM" and Moss says "Haha, memory IS RAM!!!"

˜Cirel replied:
02:26pm 27th Dec, 2007

Or maybe its when he says "We've got a one-way tickit to Slammer Town, without a return ticket!" omg he is a funny guy

˜goth girl replied:
10:54am 30th Dec, 2007

"Chairman Wow" is my favorite. good question.

˜jhon replied:
09:27am 28th Jun, 2008

I am a giddy goat!

Yeshe said
06:52am 3rd Mar, 2007

Does anyone know Richard Ayoades' start sign... btw the hottest cutest person ever!

˜skeleton replied:
02:38am 26th Apr, 2007

um this isn't about "RICHARD" this section is about "MOSS"

˜goth girl replied:
07:59am 2nd Feb, 2008

Skeleton, there person who plays Moss is called Richard and Yeshe check in celebrity magazines if you can then see what sing he is.

WhiteRabbi said
12:09am 31st Dec, 2006
Moss' Extreme Awesomeness

I love that they've made Moss an Asperger Syndromee. It's highly amusing to watch him interact with the other characters, and it actually reminds me of myself in ways (being a fellow Aspie). Makes me feel a little better that I'm not the only one who doesn't get human behaviour and social aspects that are so bloody obvious to everyone else. I've been thinking about getting into IT for a while, I've always known I'd fit in.. but after seeing this show, it's become a pretty definite plan. If only I could have co-workers like them.. British comedy is the best comedy in the world. That, and Scrubs. Excellent.

˜tracky_dac replied:
02:07pm 2nd Jan, 2008

did they actually state that he was an Aspergers? which ep?

˜lucyandpet replied:
10:17pm 30th Mar, 2008

i think that scrubs is from america, but maybe i am being thick lol

maxand said
08:02pm 1st Nov, 2006
Moss, Roy and Jen need each other

Don't you guys get it? Moss would be dull without Roy and vice versa. Both need Jen as a foil (a character who emphasizes the traits of a main character - look it up). What I really like is the taut pace of their interactions - good plot writing by Linehan.

˜Graphicus replied:
01:00am 6th Dec, 2006

I agree totally. You got it right on point.

˜Little Emi replied:
01:39pm 9th Mar, 2008

Too right. The IT Crowd just gets better and better. Also, they may not neeeeeeed Richmond but I DO!!

igraczech said
02:23pm 9th Aug, 2006
moss & roy

Moss is like my classmate from High School of Digital Technologies... looks the same, behaves the same, knows maybe even a bit more about that computer thing :o) I'm not as fat as Roy is... but I hope I'll be soon.

˜Little Emi replied:
01:39pm 9th Mar, 2008

Lol xx are you best friends?? all you need now is a jen!

emme said
06:36am 19th Feb, 2006

Why do i find moss soo sexy???!!

˜emme replied:
06:40am 19th Feb, 2006

Richard if u see this post..hint hint..hehe

˜Myss Marsh replied:
04:30am 26th Feb, 2006

I think he's very wierd... and I like that!

˜TalkNerdy2 replied:
04:40am 3rd Jun, 2006

Cause he is hot. He can talk nerdy to me any day!

˜goth girl replied:
10:56am 30th Dec, 2007

BECAUSE HE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AlexM said
02:53pm 10th Feb, 2006

Anyone else think that Moss is a legend?

˜JoJo replied:
07:06am 24th Feb, 2006

Moss IS a living LEGEND INDEED... Well done Richard and thanks for adding some REAL fun to tv!

˜goth girl replied:
12:42am 31st Dec, 2007

I do. Moss is a legend and he is the most nerdy person in the universe.

˜Little Emi replied:
01:41pm 9th Mar, 2008

Yep, Moss is legendary. The IT Crowd wouldnt work without him. He's the nerdiest nerd ever!!

˜jhon replied:
02:09pm 24th Jun, 2008

I do!

imogen said
01:13am 6th Feb, 2006

so i should proberbly comment on the show or something? well its 1.50am and im at work so i really cant be bothered trying to be clever (and i do have to try) or cutting or witty so if someone could just post a damning, satirical, amusing assasination of a comment about this show so i can just agree with it. thanks. as for c.morris, sorry. i dont know what kind of sex, drugs or money they offered you to be a part of this but id have given you all three to leave it well alone. actually, id have given you all three if you\'d asked anyway.

˜beeteew replied:
03:46pm 11th Feb, 2006


˜imogen replied:
11:22am 12th Feb, 2006

are you thick

˜Graphicus replied:
12:59am 6th Dec, 2006

Are you? Judging by your typing skill and poor grammar I would say you were.

˜goth girl replied:
12:43am 31st Dec, 2007

What the f!@#?!!

˜tracky_dac replied:
02:09pm 2nd Jan, 2008

what are you on this forum for then?

˜Little Emi replied:
01:42pm 9th Mar, 2008

What the heck is this all about???

Dark-Maste said
12:56pm 5th Feb, 2006
Moss Is Wicked!

Moss, Is The Best. He\'s Alot Like Me, Gets a Hot Ear. Is a PC Geek, And Likes Sending E-Mails. Who Agrees With Me Moss Is The Best!

˜AlexM replied:
02:55pm 10th Feb, 2006

I agree that Moss is the best.

˜beeteew replied:
03:48pm 11th Feb, 2006

Moss is obviously the best character there! ;)

˜cameron replied:
10:41am 7th Mar, 2006

Well, Moss and Richmond are the best (good call on Cradle of Filth by the way, they really are a good band)

˜Miff replied:
01:47pm 24th Mar, 2006

Moss is flipping fantastic :o)

˜Scooter replied:
07:03pm 23rd Jun, 2006

Hey Moss! I found your cup! (LOL!)

˜drew replied:
11:21am 30th Dec, 2006

lol i love Moss's cup its so nerdy to put ur face on ur cup!!!!! its absalutly FANTASTICLY nerdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

˜goth girl replied:
10:58am 30th Dec, 2007


˜jhon replied:
02:12pm 24th Jun, 2008

i find him very funny lol!

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