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Tech bites

If you love the nerdy references in the show, tell us your faves!

goth girl said
03:31am 24th Feb, 2008
Not Much

i don't know that much about computers but i like the bit with the original zx81. it's very short but at least it's about software

ITC Fan said
04:48am 11th Sep, 2007
This show is THE best.

Now please never let it don't shut it down just like they did it to Arrested Development.

˜ITC Fan replied:
04:50am 11th Sep, 2007

^^ hey!! i cant edit that! (sorry for the bad grammar)

˜goth girl replied:
07:22am 6th Apr, 2008

Arrested Development is a show that we just started to watch and it is sooooooooooo funny when buster loses his hand.LOL!

maxand said
07:52pm 1st Nov, 2006
More tech suggestions

Great show - I laughed all the time! However, as the series progressed it seemed to move further and further away from computers and tech to becoming weirder and weirder but no less funny! There are some standard computing "in" jokes which should certainly find a home in the next series, such as: - mistaking the CD-ROM tray for a coffee cup - looking for the "Any" key on a keyboard ("Press any key") - a non-tech Reynholm employee who tries to fix his computer then has to call Roy or Moss in to sort out the mess - more sly digs at Microsoft please! - outsourcing of IT work by Reynholm to India (or another nation such as Ethiopia!) - references to Scott Adams' Dilbert if possible. - etc. etc. - computer viruses, spam, malware, etc. A little more leavening of tech to please us techies and stop it becoming just another sitcom. Hint: Google for computer jokes and stories, then let your imagination run riot!

˜shred replied:
12:50am 4th Nov, 2006

Working Helpdesk for a Law Firm, have come across funny things at times. Here are a couple of ideas: 1) User - "Computer ate my CD!" >>> CDROM drive where you have to clip the CD into the caddy. If not done properly CD seems to spin out and over the drive, inside the PC! So user ejects to find it empty LOL! So far only women have done this hehe. 2) Users who request something to be done that's not possible, then 5 minutes later, sneakily calling another Tech asking the same question! (this really really shits us) PLOT >>> Denholm asks Roy or Moss for something to be setup that is not possible. Not satisfied with the answer, he calls Jen. Jen not wanting to displease Denholm or let on about her lack of IT skills, agrees to do it, much to the dismay of Roy and/or Moss. They then have to try to weasel their way out of the promise Jen made. ;)

viperjason said
06:49pm 26th Oct, 2006
DVD on Amazon.

I love this show....I see it on youtube and google video. I want to buy the DVD but its only DVD region 2. Is there any chance of a Region 0 coming out?

C0B01 said
10:13pm 19th Aug, 2006
OMG - I love this show!!

I'm an e-commerce manager / tech engineer. This program is the best thing I've seen in years! I loved it from the start, when the phone is riningin and been ignoring it... we do it all the time.. cant stand those phone calls! "um my computer isnt working" "how much is a CD drive?" ahghhhhhh!!! ROFLMFAO... brilliant game!!!

˜goth girl replied:
02:24am 31st Dec, 2007

you're a e-commerce manager / tech engineer. cool! do you have your own goth there?

˜Little Emi replied:
08:44pm 8th Mar, 2008

every office should have their own goth xxx

igraczech said
02:19pm 9th Aug, 2006
techy stuff

I also love that PET round there and lots of macs around, but what I didn't simply get is why Moss never writes URLs and e-mails (,

Grumblegut said
09:59am 4th Feb, 2006
Only disappointment was...............

they had a ZX81 on the shelf - and they didn\'t show it to us????? Nice to see one on your site at least. I won\'t be going out on Fridays anymore (well - I never go out on Fridays anyway) - but I WILL be watching IT. Loved it.

˜Dark-Maste replied:
10:00pm 4th Feb, 2006

Just because They Didn\'t Show Us That Great ZX81, Doesn\'t Mean We Should Go On About It. I Suppose It was a Small Disapointment But Still, I Love The IT Crowd And There Are No Other Diddapointments At All. Thats a Fact!

˜K666 ADM replied:
10:37pm 4th Feb, 2006

This show is even better than a night in retro gaming on my Commodore C64 (when it actually loads) or programming some simple coding in Comal and Pascal. Excellent. C:/ C:/DOS C:/DOS RUN Run Dos Run.

˜Dark-Maste replied:
10:41pm 4th Feb, 2006

What Are You Talking ABout? Commodore c64? What The Hell Is That!

˜Shy Diamon replied:
08:11pm 6th Aug, 2006

zx81 is a realy old computer thing...we sold 1 on eBay once

˜Shy Diamon replied:
08:12pm 6th Aug, 2006

+ does anyone know what blokey dude said ... he ended up saying and we dont want to end up in the middle of invalid memory now do we?

˜Bigeasy replied:
05:38pm 13th Jan, 2007

Moss: "have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?" The user says something, but you dont hear what Moss: "You see the driver hooks a function by patching the system core table, so it's not safe to unload it unless another thread is about to jump in there and do its stuff. and you dont want to end up the middle of invalid memory..........................Hello?

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