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Richmond - Behind the Red Door

Richmond - Behind the Red Door

Is it fair to humanity to let him out of his room or should goths have rights too?

jhon said
09:25am 28th Jun, 2008

i like the way he talks the guy behind the red door

goth girl said
11:05am 30th Dec, 2007
Noel Fielding(Richmond)ROCKS!!!!!!

Don't you think that Richmond Is the most sexiest person in the IT Crowd???!!!!

˜Lenitas replied:
04:18pm 2nd Jan, 2008

Nah, I'd personally go for Roy, I think. Mmmmh, yes. Definitely. :)

˜Little Emi replied:
08:16pm 8th Mar, 2008

I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had a door with Noel Fielding (Richmond) behind I'd scream with joy!!! and jump in with him lol!!

˜jhon replied:
09:26am 28th Jun, 2008

if your a girl!

jurank said
02:08pm 11th Sep, 2006
they are people too funniest episode is when you introduce Richmond. The funniest character ever..... Here in Slovenia episodes are going from friends to friends like candys and we can't wait for new episodes. I'm definetely buying DVD cuz I want proper quality .....a show that me and my wife can watch every month over and over.....and still can't stop laughing. Great work!!!

˜metalupyou replied:
09:51am 11th Jun, 2007

i totally agree it is the best episode... honestly they should have more of him i sort of get let down when he's not in an episode... he's my favourite character for sure =]

˜goth girl replied:
02:21am 31st Dec, 2007

Jurank, your totally right. it was the funniest show of that series.

˜tracky_dac replied:
02:13pm 2nd Jan, 2008

wait for it... double blink.... and then it does that... is that a good thing? i don't know.... so i just look away... (badly paraphrased- but oh so funny!)

˜tracky_dac replied:
02:14pm 2nd Jan, 2008

wait for it... double blink.... and then it does that... is that a good thing? i don't know.... so i just look away... (badly paraphrased- but oh so funny!)

˜Little Emi replied:
08:17pm 8th Mar, 2008

I agree with you, metalupyou, I get a bit upset when Richmond's not in an episode too. He's the best!!! Love Richmond, love his goth makeup, his milky lens, cradle of filth, him burning when coming into the light, his long dark hair, and all his funny phrases!!! :)

˜Little Emi replied:
10:05pm 8th Mar, 2008

and the accent of course

igraczech said
02:28pm 9th Aug, 2006
We have our own goth-like person

There are door in our company with sign saying "YES, but not with opened door!" Guess what's behind that... guy who is working in our company from the beginning so noone has heart to say he's completely useless... right, it's me :o)

˜kriz replied:
11:38pm 30th Dec, 2006

our streets our are infested with goths and emos, and most of them are uber legendary. goths are definitly people, and i suppose the occasional emo can just be a person. just.

˜Little Emi replied:
08:18pm 8th Mar, 2008

thats not fair to emos

˜Little Emi replied:
09:12pm 13th Jun, 2008

Did I actually just say that? I'm sorry kriz!

WhoIsNick? said
06:46pm 17th Mar, 2006
Why no Goth love??

How can you people not love Richmond? He is completely unexpected, unnecessary, and just delightful! He is not my favorite character, but he is certainly a great character to make you say, "Huh?" Besides, every IT office should have their own Goth. ;)

˜paulus replied:
02:33pm 19th Apr, 2006

love the show just didnt get his character

˜Jayums replied:
08:30pm 13th May, 2006

His Milky Lens rocked....

˜toxictears replied:
07:01pm 18th Aug, 2006

I LOVE YOU RICHMOND!!!! Richmond has to be the best character by far!! with the milky lens, cradle of filth, the just too awesome accent, sleeping with the boss and burning when coming into contact with light! :D Plus he is super sexy!! ;) there should totally be a Richmond screen saver...

˜drew replied:
11:17am 30th Dec, 2006

yeah Richmond is funny as! an he had Moss's cup!!!! luv ur Richmond!!

˜WhiteRabbi replied:
10:35am 31st Dec, 2006

Every employment agency should have their own goths. We're making a lot of headway with the racial issues, it's time to focus on those forgotten people: the freaks and outcasts! More power to us! Rich fits right in amongst the IT nerds, them being outcasts themselves - although relatively unaware of it, I'm sure. Well, at least Moss is unaware of it.. although is there much he is aware of if it doesn't involve chips and circuit boards?

˜WhiteRabbi replied:
10:36am 31st Dec, 2006

I wish I could change my nickname.. it's meant to be "WhiteRabbit", not "Rabbi". I'm not Jewish! Everyone, close your eyes and pretend it says Rabbit. KTHXBAI

˜crue_kid replied:
05:59pm 16th Oct, 2007

We have a slightly gothy IT technician at college, he's got the long hair ect, and we gave him the nickname Richmond. Not really sure what his real name is, hahaha, sure he's ace though =] Richmond is defo the best charactor, bring on series 3!!!

˜goth girl replied:
08:30am 30th Dec, 2007

Richmond is the best character in the whole thing but i think he should have a goth girl friend too

˜Little Emi replied:
08:20pm 8th Mar, 2008

richmond does have a girlfriend in 'the dinner party'!!! I LOVE RICHMOND!!!!!!!!!! In fact I go crazy over him. His accent makes me melt...He's deffo my favourite!!! He should be one of the mains, in every single ep, but I suppose being antisocial...

˜Little Emi replied:
10:06pm 8th Mar, 2008

Oh by the way...his girlfriend (surprisingly enough) is not a goth though.

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