Series One

Episode 6 - Aunt Irma Visits

Episode 6 - Aunt Irma Visits

Aunt Irma visits

goth girl said
08:23am 3rd Jan, 2008
i'd really like a girls night out

don't you think it's funny how Jen, Moss and Roy are at Jen's house watching the movies dressed in bathrobes?

˜Little Emi replied:
08:15pm 8th Mar, 2008

yes, and what else is funny is that email Moss sent out: Do you think we have PMT? and then they were on tshirts and everything

Richmond said
09:40am 29th Aug, 2007
Aunt Irma

Hi, I am foriegn and I don't understad what Jen means when she says that its 'High Tides' and 'My Time of the Month' Please can you tell me?

˜Hakk replied:
01:06pm 29th Aug, 2007


˜goth girl replied:
08:21am 3rd Jan, 2008

it means she having her period! Duh!!!!!!!!!

˜Little Emi replied:
08:14pm 8th Mar, 2008

yes it means shes having her period

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