Series One

Episode 1 - Yesterday's Jam

Episode 1 - Yesterday's Jam

Yesterday's Jam

Scotti said
05:56am 1st Sep, 2006

We've been circulating the episodes over here in the US to all our geek friends, and every one loves them. Keep them coming, and ignore the smacktards.

˜gislersoft replied:
08:43pm 10th Aug, 2007

Yes we love them too , the episodes are here in Colombia (south america continent) now.

˜DATmafia replied:
07:30am 18th Sep, 2007

Im also in the US and am very glad everyone here has been wonderful enough to give us little web clips until we can get the dvd of season 1. I saw a channel4 web ad when Jen was trying on the shoes-I had to watch and now i'm hooked. Thanks for this series-I plan on purchasing all the episodes b/c American TV has been sucking the past 17 years. Can't wait for the next season of shows! -The DATmafia

sokobanz said
04:45pm 22nd May, 2006
Russian subtitles

Well, i have russian subtitles, so if somebody need it, just ask ;) icq - 239932642 mail2 : s_k_b(a)

˜AuntIrma replied:
04:30pm 31st May, 2006

If you mail them to auntirma we will post them on the website!

AuntIrma said
05:52pm 26th Feb, 2006
Script now online!

I am happy to announce that the script for episode one is now available on the website under the episodes. Enjoy! When I have time I will slowly work my way through the series. If anyone translates them, I would be happy to put those up too.

˜AuntIrma replied:
06:16pm 26th Feb, 2006

Here's a link: Yesterday's Jam script

jci said
03:09am 26th Feb, 2006
English Subtitles

Hi guys. I'm not an english-spoken person (anyway, most of the show i get it). So i'm trying to make the subtitles for the show (in spanish). Someone has the english subtitles of the show? I'll appretiate it deeply :) Cheers!

˜quebueno replied:
05:22pm 6th Mar, 2006

I have the script translated to spanish. How can I upload it here? (15Kb)

˜AuntIrma replied:
08:20pm 6th Mar, 2006

Send the translation to we look forward to seeing it, thanks jci

beeteew said
03:46pm 11th Feb, 2006
Where Can I Get Episode 1?

Hi Everyone, I have downloaded Episode 2,3 & 4 from the IT Crowd Channel 4 website, but I can't get my hand's on Episode 1. Can anyone help me? Thanks, beeteew

˜goth girl replied:
08:30am 3rd Jan, 2008

why download when you can just go into a DVD shop a ask if they have it and if they don't ask if they know any other shop that would have.

thelioncub said
08:36am 7th Feb, 2006
Dodgy Lighting

Canned laughter? I don\'t think so.. I was in the audience for most of the recordings for this show, and there wasn\'t anyone trying to put me in a can.. :)

˜possession replied:
02:32pm 28th Jan, 2006

don\'t. it\'s laced with canned laughter, the lighting is immensely fake looking and there is remarkably little comedy of any form

˜Lexi replied:
09:24am 26th Feb, 2006

Hi just wonderin how u got 2be in the audience-cos id luv 2b for the 2nd series. Thnx

Cryptik said
03:43am 1st Feb, 2006

Like beauty it is in the eye of the beholder. I enjoyed the first episode and thougfht it slowed off a little in the second. But as an IT support person myself I thought it was very funny.

˜Dark-Maste replied:
10:35pm 4th Feb, 2006

Yes, Indeed It Was Very Funny.I Loved The First Episode. But I Would Like To Know, What Does Lke beauty it is in the eye of the beholder Mean?

granty said
10:50am 31st Jan, 2006

I was looking forward to this, after seeing the ads I thought it could be at least as funny as Father Ted - but no, it isn\'t. This is a golden opportunity wasted. It could have been a genuinely hilarious subtle piss take of arrogant, socially inept geeks - but its jokes are obvious and shit. It wouldn\'t be so bad if the characters were likeable, but they made me grind my teeth in anger. On the upside, if you\'re a fan of Men Behaving Badly you might like it - just don\'t go into work the next day annoying everyone by copying shit jokes badly.

˜nerull replied:
10:01am 2nd Jun, 2006

I am desperately trying to find men behaving badly subtitles (english) does anyone by some case have these for all 6 seasons? I would be forever in his/hers debt

AuntIrma said
05:54pm 27th Jan, 2006
1st Episode preview

You should all go and see the first episode online here: WATCH NOW! If you have any tech queries regarding viewing this, you should direct them to Ch4. Sorry, but we can\'t fix their faults, or their spelling, or their factual errors... but anyway, what do you think so far, fans?

˜chasdgreen replied:
03:27pm 27th Jan, 2006

Anyone had problems viewing the online episode. Flash player opens but nothing plays. Checked Surf Control and the firewall and it doesn\'t appear to be blocked but video...arrgh!

˜theitcrowd replied:
02:06am 28th Jan, 2006

What an absolute disgrace. I only hope that this show was a parody and that I am not smart enough to understand it. I can't believe for a second that Chris Morris finds anything in that first episode funny. No one who finds the fake death of Michael Heseltine funny could like this show.

˜possession replied:
02:26pm 28th Jan, 2006

From the 1st episode preview I am woefully dissapointed. It\'s just shit. Seriously light weight, un-satirical, un-witty, nonsense. It even tries to pull of some desperate slap stick in the hopes of bringing a single laugh to the proceedings but it fails on all counts. Absolute rubbish and a waste of time and my internet connection. Watch it and then write to channel 4 to tell them not to do it again.

˜ensonricky replied:
05:08pm 28th Jan, 2006

I agree that the first episode is somewhat disappointing. Give it a chance though as the 6th episode is much more like it and I suspect others may be rather better.

˜Sir Clive replied:
11:55am 30th Jan, 2006

I\'m not sure whether posting the direct link to the online episode is the done thing, but I\'m sure I\'ll be edited if it\'s not: I thought it was great! I work in an IT office (although it\'s not quite as dingy) and can really relate to certain aspects \"have you tried switching it off and on again?\". I particularly liked the Holland anecdote, and how long it took him to answer the phone :) I didn\'t particularly like the boss, contrary to what other people thought of him and his previous work. I\'m happy that he wasn\'t about much. Do I spy \"Underwurle\" and \"Alien 8\" posters near where he has \"a little bit of a lie down\"?! Atari 2600 games on the shelf?! They obviously had some sort of real IT support input during their research. Although saying that, I\'ve seen a number of American IT people slagging it off and saying that they can\'t relate to it. They also complain about the canned laughter, but from what I can gather, it\'s done in front of a live studio audience, like Red Dwarf (it kind of has a similar feel to Red Dwarf in fact). They\'ve found a fan in me (but hopefully it\'s not just for IT techs.) My colleague and I have already started bouncing quotes off each other. \"Sometimes I get a hot ear and this helps cool it down\" Parlez-Vous Franšais? I found an RTFM Shirt:

˜Grumblegut replied:
10:07am 4th Feb, 2006

Great T-shirt link Sir Clive - I\'m off to trawl e-bay for a ZX81 now...... and look for a TFSM poster. cheers

˜klondikees replied:
09:57pm 6th Feb, 2006

To Sir Clive you will find the RTFM tee shirt in engish here :

˜Scooter replied:
06:23pm 23rd Jun, 2006

As for being in Canada, I think it's "Flippin Fantastic". Forget all those NAY SAYERS. Keep IT comming. I can hardy wait for the next season. :-0

˜motylek6 replied:
10:14am 29th Feb, 2008

codepope said
12:04pm 26th Jan, 2006
Trailer music?

What\'s the music being used on the shorter trailer? You know, the short trailer with the heinous technical error of saying \"unless\" where it should be \"because a thread may be about to do it\'s thing...\".... Yes, it\'s been bugging me. :)

˜Xiahjunsu replied:
03:04pm 2nd Oct, 2007

Sorry, this is not a reply, but I cannot create a new thread, cause my computer's being an idiot. Hmm I could try ringing Roy, but he'd only say "have you tried turning it on and off again" lol anyway... I recently bought the DVD and I have watched it every single day for the past 2 weeks. Has any body else been as obsessed as me? and have you got tired of the episodes? Anyway what i wanted to mention was I translated the subtitles into Korean and then my computer lost the file :( If anybody would like the Korean translations, or Japanese or even Chinese translations, please let me know.

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