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Episode 2 - Calamity Jen

Episode 2 - Calamity Jen

Calamity Jen

alexc said
02:52am 23rd Feb, 2006
Absolutely the best ep of the program

With the wit and talent of the writers, i think its a real shame that this is the only ep which has shown its true brilliance. i think the key is to have lots of little plots and plently of characters. Moss is left to do his own thing, which is good and Roy isnt in it too much (weak/poorly defined character). Denham is also brilliant. The rest of the series might as well have been replaced with Fr ted and black books repeats IM SURE.. IM SURE.. IM SURE.. IM SURE

˜aly replied:
05:07pm 24th Apr, 2006

best scene: roy: use your womanly ways! denholm: there you are! jen: hello there denholm: it's no use being womanly with me jen! you're in big trouble! nice screensaver. denholm: does it make you feel stressed? no? does it? are you sure? are you sure? are you sure? are you sure? are you sure? are you sure? are you sure? are you sure? are you sure? are you sure? are you sure? denholm: see this balloon jen? i'm going to burst it! do you feel stressed jen? look at that! (balloon says on it jen's piece of mind) it's your piece of mind!

˜aly replied:
05:28pm 24th Apr, 2006

yes, it's the best episode! great script, and denholm was so funny!

˜Desert Fox replied:
07:30am 9th Apr, 2007

It is my favourite episode, but I don't think it's fair to say that it's the only good ep in the series...can I have a go at your machine now?

˜Caitlin replied:
11:55pm 7th Jun, 2007

Then when Denholm walks out and goes "It's amazing how the smoke seems to be coming off the top" "Now wait a second...(and points at the fire)..............I'm late for golf!"

˜Hakk replied:
01:08pm 29th Aug, 2007

Must agree this being the best episode. The whole Denholm bit where he is in his cycle gear giving the stress talk has me in stitched. And I love the whole new phone number for the emergency services jingle.

miamistu said
03:51pm 1st Feb, 2006
Pen stabbing

Can Richard Ayoade actually do that thing where you stab in between your fingers with a pen/screwdriver/knife? It reminds me of that scene from aliens.

˜Mart replied:
02:49pm 2nd Feb, 2006

Which funny enough was on Sky one last night. Just after I\'d watched the second episode.(for the third time.)

˜AuntIrma replied:
03:19pm 3rd Feb, 2006

I remember that during recording poor young Richard had to do several takes and then an additional extended shot to use if there wasn\'t already enough footage! I\'ve seen it so many times and it still makes me wince!

˜milmo replied:
05:12pm 5th Feb, 2006

is it me or did he chop a fingernail off in the process?? if you watch carefully there\'s a slice of something that flicks up into the air and lands on the table...

˜aly replied:
08:00pm 23rd Apr, 2006

well, you can do it with something less sharp and it works!

˜aly replied:
05:13pm 24th Apr, 2006

actually it did look like he broke off a nail, either dat or it was the needle.

˜Richmond replied:
12:52pm 6th Apr, 2007

On the DVD's Audio Commentry Greham Lineham says they did a number of takes and he does stab himself once accidentily.

˜goth girl replied:
08:33am 3rd Jan, 2008

actually aly it was a bit of the table that broke off if you look super carefully.

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