Series One

Episode 3 - Fifty Fifty

Episode 3 - Fifty Fifty

Fifty Fifty

goth girl said
08:27am 3rd Jan, 2008
what talent?

if you were on Who Wants To Be A Millioner what would be the subject you know most about?

AuntIrma said
04:09am 15th Feb, 2006
Graham's cameo

Did anyone spot Graham Linehan's cameo apperance as the mexican singer at the end of Fifty Fifty?

˜Caitlin replied:
11:52pm 7th Jun, 2007

No but I thought it was funny how Roy had different sunglasses on every time the camera cut to him during one scene

˜goth girl replied:
08:24am 3rd Jan, 2008

yes!! That was very funny!!!

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