Series One

Episode 4 - The Red Door

Episode 4 - The Red Door

The Red Door

goth girl said
11:53am 31st Dec, 2007
richmond rocks!!!!!

i wasn't surprised that Noel Fielding played Richmond because he's the most famous goth in the U.K. but why don't they bring in Julian Barratt as his long lost non-goth brother that is behind the green door?

˜Little Emi replied:
08:12pm 8th Mar, 2008

Good idea. They've already got 2 Boosh characters (Noel, and that guy who plays Saboo) so why not go the whole hog and get Julian in too?

˜goth girl replied:
06:59am 6th Apr, 2008

and dont forget naboo and bollo but its sort of not possible to have a monkey in the show.

˜Little Emi replied:
09:35pm 13th Jun, 2008

Richard Adoayde! Thats his name! & they have Matt Berry too!! 'boo & Boll in the show would be fab...maybe Boll could be an escaped circus monkey?

goth girl said
11:50am 31st Dec, 2007
richmond rocks!!!!!

i wasn't surprised that Noel Fielding played Richmond because Noel is the goth in the U.K but why don't they bring in Julian Barratt in as his long lost brother who was behind the green door?

goth girl said
11:47am 31st Dec, 2007
richmond rocks!!!!!

i wasn't surprised that Noel Fielding played Richmond because now he's the most famous goth in the U.K

Desk Rabbi said
01:27pm 31st Jul, 2006
Whosa What?

Hi, I'm an American who loves this show with a deep, unnatural passion, but there are some British sayings that I just can't decypher, so I thought this would be a good place to try. There's a scene in the Red Door episode where Roy is stuck under the lady's desk and Jen distracts the ladies by saying there's a builder outside taking his shirt off. Then one of the ladies says something I completely don't understand at all. It's got 3 syllables, but that's all I can figure out. Jen then repeats the word or words, but I still just cannot figure out what the heck she's saying. So, any brits out there who can translate? Thanks!

˜Desk Rabbi replied:
12:54am 9th Aug, 2006

Also, I thought I entered my name as "Desk Rabbit" not Rabbi. I have no intention of giving sermons or whatever Rabbis give, from under a desk.

˜igraczech replied:
02:15pm 9th Aug, 2006

Hi there. I'm completely Czech but I 'm sure Jen said "Like ín ads..." short for advertisments, innit? .o)

˜Little Emi replied:
08:45pm 8th Mar, 2008

They said 'Like the ads?' and Jen said 'Yes, like the ads!'

Daz said
12:16pm 19th Feb, 2006

Excellent episode, featuring Richmond, really funny. Jen was gorgeous as usual. I was distracted by the black undies under her thin dress. What a shame !

˜AuntIrma replied:
12:21pm 19th Feb, 2006

Hmm... should I post some grabs?

˜Daz replied:
01:30am 20th Feb, 2006

Auntima Some grabs would be most welcome !!!!

˜aly replied:
08:20pm 23rd Apr, 2006

yeah, it was a good episode. do you know you can watch it on if you look up 'the it crowd' on videos, and you can watch episodes on it on there! it's pretty good!

˜Caitlin replied:
11:51pm 7th Jun, 2007

I love how whenever Richmond is about to do a flashback he gazes off into space and everyone in the background is trying to figure out what he's looking at

˜goth girl replied:
11:43am 31st Dec, 2007

HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!! Jen is a respecting and caring woman of her age and if you think this is an adult i can only tell you that your wrong because i'm 11 almost turning 12 so f!*@# you!!!!

AuntIrma said
01:13am 19th Feb, 2006
What's behind the GREEN door?

Any suggestions? You never know who reads this - you could get lucky ;)

˜aly replied:
08:21pm 23rd Apr, 2006

good question! it could be richmonds brother!

˜emogirllov replied:
09:38pm 27th Mar, 2007

yes it cud be richmonds long lost brother or maybe it's cradle of filth hmm i wonder go go richmond hot as ever

˜goth girl replied:
11:44am 31st Dec, 2007

well there was a goth in the red door so it might be an emo. have you ever thought of that?

˜Little Emi replied:
08:10pm 8th Mar, 2008

Yes good question! I hope it is something to do with Richmond :) I LOVE RICHMOND, anyway. he never fails to make me smile!

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