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Roy - Desk Rabbit

Roy - Desk Rabbit

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

mcfly said
11:15am 21st May, 2008
Is roy gay?

Na, just saud that to get ur attention! lol

Miss O'God said
11:19pm 28th Feb, 2008
3rd season - a myth?

So what about the 3rd series?

goth girl said
07:52am 2nd Feb, 2008
roy's last name

what should be Roy's last name?

cocky_96 said
04:37pm 17th Jul, 2007
RTFM shirt

hi jw anyone know were i can buy a rtfm shirt like roys? i already have the space invaders on and just though this one looked better

˜p4z replied:
08:16pm 28th Jul, 2007

you can get them in or, they have fantastic geeky stuff there :)

˜klondikees replied:
12:33am 27th Feb, 2008

You can buy The Roy''s RTFM T-shirt here ->

˜Little Emi replied:
01:43pm 9th Mar, 2008

a very GEEKY place!!!!! lol xx

skeleton said
02:43am 26th Apr, 2007
Is it only me?

I mean seriously i noticed that in all the episodes roy is the only one who nearly bleeds to death like the time he went to that resteraut and he had a bloody nose and the time he hurt his head and etc. i mean seriously you should check it out

˜goth girl replied:
11:00am 30th Dec, 2007

yeah.i mean what's up with that?

JR said
08:51am 18th Jun, 2006
Roy's Shirt

Where can I get a 10 points shirt like Roy's?

˜JR replied:
04:34am 19th Jun, 2006

Nevermind, another dude hooked me up:

˜Little Emi replied:
01:43pm 9th Mar, 2008

oh good...glad he did cos i didnt know!!xx

girl in a said
12:54pm 22nd Mar, 2006
Oxford Street pacer...

... took my mind off a bad sandwich and made me grin. Should put you in one of my scripts. CS.

˜paulus replied:
08:48pm 30th Mar, 2006

what type of sandwich was it, anything with mayonaise makes me grin anyway.

˜girl in a replied:
02:58pm 7th Apr, 2006

smoked salmon, squeeze of lemon, barely any butter, let alone the dizzy heights of mayonnaise. don't know what i can have been thinking. no, it was definitely the view made me grin.

˜paulus replied:
08:39pm 13th Apr, 2006

i find open sandwichs quite funny..... after all its not really a sandwich if you have to eat it with a knife and fork is it?

alexc said
02:21am 23rd Feb, 2006
a bit disappointing

I think roy is by far the weakest of the characters

˜Lexi replied:
08:58am 26th Feb, 2006

OMG! how can u say that-take it bac! I dont think roys character is quote "by far the weakest" hes v.funny-he makes the show complete!

˜Lexi replied:
09:10am 26th Feb, 2006

Chris O`Dowd is one seriously sexy guy-wat am i gonna do frm nxt wk-its the last episode:-(

˜Lexi replied:
09:15am 26th Feb, 2006

I luv the irish accent-its so sexy-of course it helps that its comin frm a Chris O`Dowd...did evryl see Chris present an award at the Brits? Wow! He looked hot!

˜Lexi replied:
09:34am 26th Feb, 2006

Hi does nel knw where i can get an address to write to Chris O`Dowd for an autograph?? Have u noticed im pretty much turnin this forum into a purely Chris discussion forum,oh well nothin bad abt that...

˜Lexi replied:
09:44am 26th Feb, 2006

˜Lexi replied:
09:29am 4th Mar, 2006

Is Chris O`Dowd single?! ;-)

˜Lexi replied:
09:32am 4th Mar, 2006


˜Lexi replied:
09:40am 4th Mar, 2006

Chris come n gatecrash my 18th birthday party..

˜girl in a replied:
01:00pm 22nd Mar, 2006

˜aly replied:
04:53pm 24th Apr, 2006

Good quotes! 'have you tried turning it off and on again? have you tried sticking it up your arse? oh, i just realised, that was my mother!

˜Sunshine replied:
01:06am 28th Feb, 2008

I hate you. He is simply underappreciated...JEN IS THE WEAKEST LINK

˜Little Emi replied:
01:45pm 9th Mar, 2008

uh...I dont fancy Chris O'Dowd or even think he's hot, but hes an outrageously brill actor and roy's funny!! lolxx however you are entitled to an opinion and I like all the characters, but Richmond most.

Phoenix said
11:08pm 4th Feb, 2006

chris is the most adorable bloke i have ever seen!!!

˜Lexi replied:
09:02am 26th Feb, 2006

i cudnt agree more! The lush eyes,hair,bod...n the accent...Chris O`Dowd=SERIOUSLY SEXY X

˜Lexi replied:
09:39am 26th Feb, 2006

I know! Isnt he just gorgeous!

˜Lexi replied:
09:31am 4th Mar, 2006

Is Chris O`Dowd single?! ;-)

˜Lexi replied:
09:36am 4th Mar, 2006

Chris come n gatecrash my 18th b/d party! LoL :-) (i wish!)

˜goth girl replied:
11:02am 30th Dec, 2007

not as adorable as noel fielding(Richmond)

˜Little Emi replied:
01:46pm 9th Mar, 2008

I agree with u goth girl, he's not as brillo as NOEL FIELDING!!!!!XXXXXXXXXXX

Phoenix said
11:06pm 4th Feb, 2006
A message for Chris O'Dowd

I just really fancy Chris!!!... He makes me melt!... He can act as a computer geek for my anytime!!! :)

˜Dark-Maste replied:
12:54pm 5th Feb, 2006

You Fancy Chris! Holy Moly!

˜Hells replied:
12:57pm 5th Feb, 2006


˜imogen replied:
09:14pm 5th Feb, 2006

there is only one chris worth getting that wet over and its not o\'dowd

˜imogen replied:
01:05am 6th Feb, 2006

or Tarrent

˜beeteew replied:
03:51pm 11th Feb, 2006


˜richmonds- replied:
11:12am 12th Feb, 2006

Hes a total babe you just wait for richmond! but i have t o say moss is slightly sexy in a weird geeky way :)

˜imogen replied:
11:25am 12th Feb, 2006

im over it now, sir. chris morris is married and with children. i left it about 15 years to late and if i had tracked him down and pounced back then i would only have been 9 years old.

˜Lexi replied:
09:20am 17th Feb, 2006

I totally agree,Chris is just so so sexy. Does anyone know an address where i can write to Chris O`Dowd??

˜Little Emi replied:
01:48pm 9th Mar, 2008

you fancy chris o'dowd? well thats kool lol xx I dont, I fancy Noel Fielding but unfortunately he's 32 and has a girlfriend, Dee Plume. maybe i should FREEZE HIM, wait till I'm about 29ish, then move into his house and unfreeze him?...lolxx

Mart said
02:48pm 2nd Feb, 2006
Message for Chris O'Dowd

Yes I am the IT Tech from P*** & B****, where you used to work. Couldn't help but laugh, it's almost as if I'm seeing myself on screen. Good Luck with the show. Songhurst

˜Scooter replied:
07:26pm 23rd Jun, 2006

Loved the shirt in the first episode "RTFM" LOL - it is the answer to every thing!

sexpanther said
04:22pm 23rd Jan, 2006
Chris O Dowd owes me money

Imagine my surprise (being a native of Boyle Co. Roscommon) upon discovering that my dear old class mate from Mel\'s ( Chris O Dowd) is very much a nascent comedy god. Working with a titan of comedy such as Christopher Morris. I am dumbstruck. When they asked us where we saw ourselves in ten years, I didn\'t think Chris was being serious. The fuc*er owes me money too, but i\'ll have to bashfully avoid him in the street now, as he has attained such a semi-celestial status. I guess this is what he calls a perk!

˜Lexi replied:
09:25am 17th Feb, 2006

Does anybody know where i can get an address to write to Chris O`Dowd? If so cud u plz e mail me thnx

˜paulus replied:
07:06pm 11th Apr, 2006


˜paulus replied:
07:06pm 11th Apr, 2006


˜Little Emi replied:
01:49pm 9th Mar, 2008

Chris O'Dowd is your old classmate? well now thats a surprise lolxx

AuntIrma said
03:36pm 4th Dec, 2005

Welcome to The I.T. Crowd

˜seedofchuc replied:
10:28am 25th Sep, 2007

Can anyone help me get any of the it crowds autographs my email address is plz help really wnt them

˜Little Emi replied:
01:50pm 9th Mar, 2008

Thank you! Aunt Irma

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