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Denhom - I'm declaring WAR!

Denhom - I'm declaring WAR!

Do you think Chris Morris is part of the Team? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you? .... Do you?

AJ said
05:12pm 31st May, 2007
I would like to meet Chris Morris

I believe that the first post about Chris Morris here is right. He along with Moss, are the two only reasons this show continues and is awesome. I really like his bossy style of madness. I want to meet this person and get his autograph. I am not joking but just thinking of his acting in the show, makes me laugh to an extent that people look at me with strange eyes in the subway. If I can, please let me know how to reach Chris Morris. I have been an actor myself (on stage) and I really adore his skills.

˜goth girl replied:
11:58am 31st Dec, 2007

what you do is you try and get a job as an actor and try to get on the show and if that doesn't there's always the option of stalking him?

Darkcell said
12:03am 5th Mar, 2006
Can't help but watch

Saw first episode and thought to myself 'this is absolute shit'. Then Chris Morris appeared. The only reason I watch the show is for the moments he's in it. However, I've got a feeling there's more to this show than everyone is giving it credit for. The jokes are really obvious and the live audience/canned laughter really pisses me off, but there's still something really surreal about the cuts and the storylines. Not surreal as in 'men getting periods' but the way its so irrelevant and the way the script is sometimes emphasised in really peculiar ways.. I dunno, maybe its just my wishful thinking and I didnt wanna see Chris Morris in something so crap, I think he's got more to do with this show than just pussy fotting around in front of the camera (which by the way is hilarious whenever he's in shot).

˜aly replied:
08:13pm 23rd Apr, 2006

actually in calamity jen, they have a classic quote: Roy: denholm's calling general Jen: oh god, another one! Moss: I bet he declares war on something! He loves declaring war! Denholm: I am declaring WAR another one: that's another that's another one more mayhem! we've got to deal with it!

˜ChromeBaby replied:
09:14pm 22nd Nov, 2006

I've just bought the DVD and have now watched all six eps. Denholm Reynholm (fantastic name) is my favourite character. He's brilliantly played by Chris Morris who's gurning, plastcine face punched with those two coal black eyes and limbs akimbo frame just takes the show into another dimension whenever he's on screen. Like the volume being turned from 10 to 11! What accent has he got though?

˜goth girl replied:
12:48am 31st Dec, 2007

How very dare you. How could you only like The IT Crowd because Chris Morris is in it? The IT Crowd is the best show in the world apart from The Mighty Boosh(which has Noel Fielding in it who plays Richmond)

˜Little Emi replied:
01:52pm 9th Mar, 2008

How can you???? if you dont like this show you shouldnt watch it at all or be on here, never mind if chris morris is in it. its the best, second to THE BOOSH!xxXX the jokes are not obvious, you just have a sense of humour bypass!!

imogen said
09:12pm 5th Feb, 2006

id like to lick his pot marked face all over. then id like him to hurl a torent of abuse at me in his angry yet controlled privately educated dulset tones, minus poor irish accent till i cry tears of joy.

˜AuntIrma replied:
10:58am 14th Jun, 2006

imogen, you need therapy ;)

˜goth girl replied:
12:50am 31st Dec, 2007

are you a freak of nature? but he is sort of hansom

˜Little Emi replied:
01:53pm 9th Mar, 2008

imogen i think you should get help...

jwolf said
08:42pm 5th Feb, 2006

suggestion, cut the programme now and give chris morris his own channel, then i might consider buying a T.V license. otherwise, i firmly refuse to pay for this utter tripe. as it stands i will console myself with day to day and brass eye DVDs, although i dont know how much more play they have left in them after years of my greasy little fingers fondling them at night. why did he agree to do this show anyway? is he short on cash? chris, i can lend you a few quid if times are this hard. jesus.

tactical said
09:04pm 28th Jan, 2006
What is Chris Morris doing??

I just watched the first episode on the Channel 4 website and it was beyond awful, imo. When I saw who it was written and produced by, I thought it would be quite good. And when I heard Chris Morris was in it, I thought it would be excellent. What a huge dissapointment. Really obvious, safe and boring comedy. Nothing daring in it at all. It reminded me of The Brittas Empire to be honest. Maybe they should show it at 7pm on a Sunday evening. I shouldn\'t think I\'ll be watching any more.

˜jwolf replied:
03:58pm 5th Feb, 2006

the one and only reason for watching this show is the fact that chris morris is in it and he\'s still pretty hot. i can just squint my eyes and imagine the tash isnt there. and his suit is worth watching for too thats hot. he\'s a stone fox

˜milmo replied:
05:11pm 5th Feb, 2006

it did remind me a little of the brittas empire, but imo that\'s no bad thing...

˜Zoecb replied:
07:35pm 6th Feb, 2006

shouting, mostly

˜eikonoklas replied:
10:00pm 2nd Jul, 2006

Was heavily disappointed myself at first watch. Then I thought that if after a decade of genre-bending quality output, if the guy wants to relax and have some fun, well - let him have some fun. Detach yourself from the 'it's Chris Morris!' stigma and you have yourself a perfectly enjoyable 20 minutes of decent comedy.

˜Little Emi replied:
01:54pm 9th Mar, 2008

if you dont like it then GET OFF THIS SITE RIGHT NOW!!!!! unless you havent noticed its an IT CROWD site!! duh!!!

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