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Got any smart ideas to make this community even better? We are the first and original, how much better can it get? Oh, go on then...

gojamesgo! said
04:25pm 11th May, 2008
i love you...

COME TO AMERIKA! ALSO MAKE THE DVD'S BUY ABLE FOR AMERICAN!!!!! ;) please.... james m. seattle, washington, USA

Lenitas said
04:20pm 2nd Jan, 2008

A comprehensive list of all shirts Roy wears throughout the show would be nice - maybe with the geeky background explained for those who didn't get *all* the jokes...

kazik_ said
03:09pm 23rd Nov, 2007
First and Third season

Hello we are a small IT group from big computer company. First season of IT Crowd it's really great, but in second we didn't see any scenes where IT try fix some funny tasks , with chinese stuff for example or trying make some modifications in IT office, Second season is good but is out for IT topic , more scene's is outside office - i think - it's not good. Maybe we try send for you some fine suggestions from our ordinarry day in IT office.

DataBitch said
04:08pm 13th Oct, 2007
Petition for SERIES 3

If enough of us IT-Crowd fans post our sigs here, maybe we can collect enough bytes, break the internet and get to enjoy an eventual 3rd series. LONG LIVE IT-CROWD

˜goth girl replied:
12:19am 6th Jan, 2008

Nicole Haynes(goth girl)

DataBitch said
04:05pm 13th Oct, 2007
Petition for SERIES 3

If enough IT-Crowd fans post their sigs here, maybe we can collect enough bytes, break the internet and get to enjoy an eventual 3rd series. LONG LIVE IT-CROWD

KinkyOrigi said
11:22am 17th Sep, 2007
Moss T-Shirts

Hey guys, just a note to say that the superb Moss is represented on a range of T-Shirts at this site: Take a look.

˜goth girl replied:
12:20am 6th Jan, 2008

thanks a billion

jenschair said
07:15pm 15th Sep, 2007
New Forum Required

Yes I have a suggestion - get a decent bloody forum script please. This is awful. Thanks in advance :D

Bad Animal said
09:33pm 24th May, 2007
Posters? Pictures?

Just cleaned out my (IT) office here at work and I'm looking to decorate the walls, I'd like to have a big ass poster of the IT Crowd that I could hang up. And perhaps some individual pics and group pics of the IT Crowd that I could save off and do with as I please. Thank you!!

toxictears said
07:07pm 18th Aug, 2006

WE LOVE RICHMOND SOOOO MUCH!!! Please can you put a desktop picture or screensaver of Richmond up so we can stare at his super sexy face allday?! ;)

˜goth girl replied:
02:29am 31st Dec, 2007

OY!!!If you find a screensaver of Richmond can you send it to also if you want photos of the guy who plays Richmond look up Noel Fielding on google.

˜Little Emi replied:
08:40pm 8th Mar, 2008

A desktop pic or screensaver of Richmond would be HEAVEN. why dont you go on google images type in 'the IT crowd richmond' and try and find one, then if you do save it and put it as your background/screensaver?

˜goth girl replied:
07:24am 6th Apr, 2008

thnkz for the tip Little Emi now i can watch him when i'm on my computer and when i'm just walking past it!

Savage said
08:32pm 5th May, 2006
Contacting the creators

Does anyone know who I can contact the creators of the IT crowd. I have an idea which I would like to run past them

˜AuntIrma replied:
04:33pm 31st May, 2006

Hi Savage, we would be glad to forwad any suitable material people send us but we cannot give out personal information. I'm sure you understand.

˜coolio replied:
08:28am 6th Jun, 2006

Phone: 0207 861 8000 Address: 20 - 21 Newman Street, London, W1T 1PG And ask for info on "The IT Crowd".

˜Cole replied:
11:30pm 20th Oct, 2006

Hey,we are an American IT group and we love your show!!! Please make fun of the end users more!!! We often wonder how users make it to work. We also have a lot of fun with upper management (they are so consumed with stupid details like what sandwiches will be served at pointless meetings...Ha Ha Ha.) Keep up the good work.

felipecn said
09:10pm 28th Feb, 2006

The english subtitles and a place to us put translated subtitles

˜AuntIrma replied:
08:28am 2nd Mar, 2006

The script for the first episode "Yesterday's Jam" is up on the site under the episode details. If you write a translation I will post it on the site and credit you, felipecn.

˜Sixe replied:
03:51pm 8th Mar, 2006

We are a french team woking in making subtitles for the show. We already have made english and french subtitles for episode 1 and have began to work on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th episode. A few help would be welcome in helping us on some parts where it's very difficult to hear what is said. Here is our mail:

˜tenente_bl replied:
01:37pm 13th Sep, 2006

I'm looking for the English subtitles too, in order to translate them into Brazilian Portuguese. If anybody has such files, please send it to me:, or Thanks!

˜tpemail replied:
06:38pm 27th Jul, 2007

Hello, I'm currently working on a Chinese translation of this great series of films:) If you have any suggestions please mail me:

AuntIrma said
08:18am 5th Dec, 2005

If you have any ideas that you would like to see on the site, please let us know. We are always open to great ideas - and after all this is your I.T. community!

˜thelioncub replied:
09:12am 6th Dec, 2005

Is that a coffee stain or something more sinister?

˜luther replied:
11:01am 6th Dec, 2005

I think there should be five-minutely updates on the movements of the comedy God Chris Morris. I want to know what time he wakes up, what he has for breakfast, & what colour toilet paper he buys. Even if I\'m being shit right now in ways I don\'t really understand, that still doesn\'t make Chris Morris any less good. He is not not good. He is good.

˜jerseydave replied:
05:48pm 6th Dec, 2005

Chris Morris is indeed a god and i am unbelievably pleased he will soon be back on the tv. Are there any more episodes to be filmed? If so i must attend just on the off chance of spying our Chris with my very own filthy eyes

˜jack_faust replied:
08:21pm 6th Dec, 2005

Funny I came here after finding the clip about the twin towers on the day today dvd. Funny, I just watched an episode of mighty boosh. Funny I just watched an episode of black books. If this lives up to the above three then I shall be savagely amused. Also I hope thet Mr. Lineham has read the BOFH (check As we really are power freaks. Although in thses days of accountability we just like to *pretend* we are absolute power freaks and try to fix stuff. Damn auditing! Yup I\'m a ggeek :) Good luck to all concerned and cannae wait to see the finished (well I can and will but I\'m looking forward to it).

˜Lee Curtis replied:
06:49pm 15th Dec, 2005

This looks terrible. What happened to Morris-why is doing this preictable rubbish. It\'s seems so twee.

˜theDean replied:
09:35am 12th Jan, 2006

Most of I.T Technical Team\'s are Geeks to a Degree(it\'s the degrees that changes from \"I can do my job\" to \"I am a UberGeek\")

˜nalubr replied:
04:52pm 25th Jan, 2006

I agree there is definitely a very serious lack of information available regarding the movements of Morris.

˜rdas7 replied:
08:55pm 30th Jan, 2006

What\'s with the lame wmv format? At least torrent the avi or mpeg or somethign we can watch. If you\'re gonna do wmv why not just Flash8 with a decent player interrface on the site?

˜Dark-Maste replied:
10:44pm 4th Feb, 2006

I Think We Should Have a Watch The Episodes O rSomething On The Site. I Absoloutly Love The IT Crowd And I Always Want To See The Episodes!

˜paulus replied:
10:57pm 12th Apr, 2006

i loved the series the 3 or 4 main characters so funny i cried with laughter... but the goth... i just didnt get it

˜aly replied:
08:17pm 23rd Apr, 2006

I can write up scripts for any episode of the first series! i'll post it on 'scripts' if you want! let me know!

˜aly replied:
08:17pm 23rd Apr, 2006

I can write up scripts for any episode of the first series! i'll post it on 'scripts' if you want! let me know!

˜lkchild replied:
10:16am 9th Sep, 2006

Am I the only one who expected to see a "support" section that prompted to turn off, then turn on again. Some helpful advice on dealing with office fires wouldn't go amiss either.

˜Gyrate replied:
03:47pm 10th Nov, 2007

AtTeNtIoN:) Hello:) I'm from Ukraine. I want to write remix to your main music theme.... Heare first version: If you will like it, i can continue my work:) please send me your answer by e-mail!

˜goth girl replied:
02:31am 31st Dec, 2007

you need a suvey of who the hottest guy is and also more screensavers of the show

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