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goth girl said
03:18am 24th Feb, 2008
Richmond is the best

don't you think richmond is the best character in the show and we wan't to see him more(richmond is played by Noel Fielding)?

˜Little Emi replied:
08:25pm 8th Mar, 2008

Absolutely. I am Noel Fielding's no.1 fan. I actually watched The IT Crowd because I heard he was in I'm hooked!!!

courgol said
02:36pm 31st Dec, 2007
german it-crowd

oh no, they did it, they dared to... and it's so unbelievably bad.. they just translated it and try to act like the original, but german actors are crap, not funny whatsoever, it's so horrible

˜Lenitas replied:
02:36pm 2nd Jan, 2008

I posted a longish review for it over there:

˜fjenny replied:
11:08pm 2nd Jan, 2008

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cakez said
10:00pm 19th Oct, 2007
About the music

Can someone tell me what is the music played during season 2 episode 2 ? Well if you have a general music guide for each episode i would be delighted. Thanjs

˜Lenitas replied:
04:15pm 2nd Jan, 2008

That'd indeed be nice...

mayagrafix said
03:41pm 12th Oct, 2007
"Smoke and Mirrors"

Who is the BBC reporter which interviews Moss thinking he is a Department of defense representative?

lukas said
02:36pm 25th Sep, 2007
What's Moss and Graham reading?

This is quite cool -- the mag Moss was reading Graham Linehan is a fan of

˜Lenitas replied:
04:11pm 2nd Jan, 2008

Quite cool, thanks for the links!

Duncan said
03:01pm 15th Aug, 2007
Clip from S2: E1

There's a clip from the first episode of series 2 on YouTube - right here:

˜goth girl replied:
08:10am 2nd Feb, 2008

thanks for that i don't have the 2nd serise yet.

Katchina said
09:47am 25th Jun, 2007
2nd Series

Hi, my Name is Andrea and I'm from Hamburg, Germany. I've been watching all current episodes via Internet. Great stuff! I'd like to when they are going to show the new series. Anyone knows?

˜Duncan replied:
03:00pm 15th Aug, 2007

Friday 24th August at 9.30pm on Channel 4

˜courgol replied:
12:18am 3rd Sep, 2007

hey andrea, I'm from germany, too. I don't know if know but they are making it-cover in germany with sky du mont and some actors you don't know. isn't that a shame. they dare to do it-crowd in german. i mean maaa, i don't want to see it-crowd in german, it can only be bull**** compared to the original

˜magatsu replied:
08:59am 5th Oct, 2007

would there be a 3rd season?

˜Little Emi replied:
08:27pm 8th Mar, 2008

Hi Andrea. This is pretty random but its in the General Randomness bit, so...I love your name, I'm obsessed with the name Andrea for some strange reason. Anyway I dont know but i do now thanks to Duncan. Thanks Duncan!

CrixMankin said
10:50pm 24th May, 2007
Never saw it when it was actually on telly..

But now I have telly on demand and have watched it all. And I love it. And I love Jen. Great character, reminds me a lot of a lady I'm rather fond of in RL. Which is odd, as I get compared to Roy a lot. Roy and Jen getting it together? I can see that ..

lovelace said
12:35pm 14th May, 2007
Когда снимут 2 сезон?!!!!

bbcentral said
06:38pm 11th May, 2007
Reynholm Industries Corporate Website

Hi fellow IT Crowd fans! I've just finished a little spare-time website project which you might get a kick out of: I hope you like it, I've tried to be as accurate to the series as possible without making anything up. For example, I have NO IDEA what Reynholm Industries actually does, so I've deliberately avoided mentioning it. I've also had to create a few graphics myself, in fact I've collected just about every piece of artwork/signage that decorates the walls of the basement, and made a few myself. I'm hoping to add some Reynholm wallpaper and printable stickers later on, but this is all I have for now. I'm looking forward to series 2, although it probably means I'll have to make a lot of changes to the site. We'll worry about that later I think, once I've actually seen the series! Please feel free to post feedback here, or even better send me a quick email through the Disclaimer page: Have fun :)

˜CrixMankin replied:
10:54pm 24th May, 2007

Love the site. Totally believable.

˜giddygoat replied:
12:27pm 28th Jun, 2007

Haha, that's brilliant!

˜crue_kid replied:
06:07pm 16th Oct, 2007

Hahahahhaa that's fantastic!

˜Lenitas replied:
04:14pm 2nd Jan, 2008

I particularly love the intranet, I've got my employee ID card too. Lovely :) Also I like how you're keeping it up-to-date with the latest series' additional info. Great stuff.

˜MorbidAnge replied:
11:52pm 26th Feb, 2008

˜Lenitas replied: 04:14pm 2nd Jan, 2008 I particularly love the intranet, I've got my employee ID card too. Lovely :) What is the login info for the Intranet?

˜Little Emi replied:
08:33pm 8th Mar, 2008

That is ACE. I would have believed it if I hadnt seen The IT Crowd. especially love how you put 'the following member should not be viewed or contacted by anyone suffering from depression, pregnancy or a heart condition' before looking at richmond!!! pure genius.

fatcatmien said
05:20pm 21st Mar, 2007
Disco song in Episode 6

Does anybody by any chance know what the disco song is when they enter the dance club in episode 6? I'd really like to know!!

giddygoat said
03:25pm 23rd Feb, 2007
I can't take it anymore

The wait, that is. Does anyone know when the 2nd series is going to be aired in the uk? And re: previous question, I've tried to get tickets too, but to no avail. If anyone knows how, please email me thank yoo

˜jules replied:
05:10pm 23rd Feb, 2007

Ditto. I am slipping into a diabetic coma waiting ....

˜gymboy replied:
11:26am 25th Feb, 2007

the second series begins filming on friday 30th march at pinewood studios.For tickets visit

PandoraIZr said
07:31pm 8th Feb, 2007
Tapings access?

Would anyone know if they let people watch tapings of the show?And if so how to get tickets. I have tried contacting the station and cannot seem to get any response...

˜gymboy replied:
12:45pm 11th Feb, 2007

yes,the last series was filmed at teddington studios in front of a live studio audience.I know this because i was one of the firemen in the last series

˜monkeygirl replied:
08:30pm 23rd Sep, 2007

Do you contact the studio direct, or a ticketing service?

Zonks said
01:25am 3rd Jan, 2007
Richard Ayoade

has anyone else noticed that the website has miss named Richards Characters in the Mighty Boosh? How disrespectful!

˜Little Emi replied:
09:19pm 13th Jun, 2008

They misnamed Saboo?????????????? that is an outrage!

senn said
11:09am 10th Dec, 2006
I've just ripped the IT crowd Theme (and 8bit theme)

anyone want these, i was really pissed off at the low quality versions available so i just copied the ones of the s1 dvd i got. If someone has an email i can send them to so they can be posted to a public webspace or something i'm happy to

˜neo replied:
04:00pm 24th Jan, 2007

yeah i would love the theme i have been looking every where can u send it to my email cheers thanks

˜Besticles replied:
06:35pm 24th Mar, 2007

˜Besticles replied:
06:37pm 24th Mar, 2007

anychance any1 no who made the theme choooon?? if not no worries sendin it would b awesome!!

˜CrixMankin replied:
11:01pm 24th May, 2007

When you say 8bit theme are we talking

ChromeBaby said
11:10am 25th Nov, 2006
I'm a dizzy cumt sometimes

OK I know I got Graham's surname utterly wrong and I profusely apologise! I'm genuflecting here! Is that why my comments about studio laughter have not been uploaded yet? I'll hang my head in shane, I mean shame, 'til I know I'm forgivem.

˜Eyen replied:
04:38am 8th Dec, 2006

Can anyone explain me what the joke with Jonathan Miller is all about? Thank you.

Scotti said
06:01am 1st Sep, 2006

Congrats on the greenlight for Series 2! Looking forward to it!

˜Raspadora replied:
10:51am 1st Nov, 2006

Thank God for that! The series just finished here in Oz literally 15 minutes ago and already I'm missing it! I just had to find out if another series was coming, so here I am. The most laugh out loud thing I've seen this year.

˜shred replied:
02:39pm 3rd Nov, 2006

WOO HOO!! :) BRING ON SERIES 2. I felt the same thing on Wednesday when they said it was last episode (Oz here too). Working Helpdesk for a Law Firm, they have captured it perfectly - IT Staff being treated like crap (can relate to the "Yesterday's Jam" metaphor) hehe Interesting reading the others' comments. Seems ppl either really love it or really hate it.

˜Zonks replied:
01:27am 3rd Jan, 2007

Raspadora, do you mean Oz as in Oztralia? I haven't met anyone else who loves the show here. I take it you have pay tv because i haven't been able to watch it for a good month or so

krispy said
01:09pm 11th Mar, 2006
Web community for "IT Crowd types"

We loved the show

˜Kimmy replied:
02:30am 18th Jun, 2006

Writing in from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Absolutely love the show! Looking forward to next season! :)

˜Shy Diamon replied:
08:10pm 6th Aug, 2006

Zoecb said
07:36pm 6th Feb, 2006
Re: General Chat

Loved it. Richard Ayoade is fantastic. I miss Garth Marenghi!

˜cameron replied:
10:44am 7th Mar, 2006

Garth Marenghi should be coming on DVD soon, but it is amazing, "Dean Learner" is fantastic

˜AuntIrma replied:
11:10am 14th Jun, 2006

Feel it: Garth Marenghi's Darkplace on DVD

˜CrixMankin replied:
11:03pm 24th May, 2007

I'm a straight guy, but I've fallen in love with Richard.

Dark-Maste said
08:50pm 5th Feb, 2006
Please Help Me! I NEED HELP!

I Really Need a Link That Works To Episodes That I Can Watch Of The IT Crowd Online. I Have Tried All The Other One\'s Put On The Site, And None Of Them Work For Me!

˜beeteew replied:
03:47pm 11th Feb, 2006

try the channel 4 website but change the sites url: e.g /episode4 to /episode3 to see past episodes.

Noodle said
07:34pm 5th Feb, 2006
Message for Linehan (or should that be taxi?)

Deny all responsibility quick, this programme is a stone-dead flop.

˜Scotti replied:
05:49am 1st Sep, 2006

With a nickname like "Noodle", I'll bet you're wrong about a lot of things... your comment being a perfect example.

˜CrixMankin replied:
11:04pm 24th May, 2007

Flop? j00 f00.

snes_boy said
02:57pm 5th Feb, 2006
Wow cool Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding is great, he was really good in the mighty boosh. I wonder what he is going to do in this?

˜cameron replied:
10:46am 7th Mar, 2006

Do you think Noel would have a bigger role to play come series 2?

˜goth girl replied:
08:18am 2nd Feb, 2008

noel fielding is great and he plays a goth

˜Little Emi replied:
09:21pm 13th Jun, 2008

Too right. Noels just all-round perfect!

Hells said
01:00pm 5th Feb, 2006
Re: Moss Is Wicked!

Woot! he is

˜goth girl replied:
07:16am 6th Apr, 2008

you are soooooooooooooooooooo right!

Hells said
12:57pm 5th Feb, 2006

You smell!!

˜Dark-Maste replied:
12:58pm 5th Feb, 2006

Oh thats Nice!

˜Hells replied:
12:59pm 5th Feb, 2006

I Know XD

˜Hells replied:
01:00pm 5th Feb, 2006

Oh....I posted twice..

˜Dark-Maste replied:
01:00pm 5th Feb, 2006

Idiot, By The Way hells. I Know Your New So know This. This Is Chat About The IT Crowd. Not My Smelly Self!

˜Hells replied:
01:02pm 5th Feb, 2006

Awwww, WELL SORRAY! Fine we will talk about the IT crowd and not you...but your still smelly!

Dark-Maste said
09:54pm 4th Feb, 2006
This Was Great!

The First 2 Episodes I Watched, On The Double Bill, I Found Very Funny, and Great To Watch. I Don\'t Know Why, But I Am a Sort Of Computer Nerd Myself, And I Felt Like There Were Others Like Me. I Hope The Other Episodes WIll Be As Great As The First. I Just Cant Wait To Watch Them.

Speccy said
09:42pm 3rd Feb, 2006
Theme music

Does anyone know that the theme music is and where I can get it, I kinda like it.

˜Dark-Maste replied:
10:37pm 4th Feb, 2006

If You Want it, I\'m Sure You Could Find It On Download It And You Can Search For All The Music You Want, I Think You Might Have To Search For IT Crowd Theme That Will Be The Name Of The Music.

˜Dark-Maste replied:
10:40pm 4th Feb, 2006

Actually, You Can Find It On That, But I WOnt Know Its Name.

˜FreddyGong replied:
03:20pm 6th Feb, 2006

Ive uploaded the theme song to my fansite its at just go to the \'other media\' section

David said
09:39pm 3rd Feb, 2006
Poor mans father ted?

After watching the first two episodes, to me this seems like a poor mans version of Father Ted. The jokes have been predictable and tired. Im going to try and watch up to episode six in the hope of it improving.

sf_dave said
03:47pm 30th Jan, 2006
awesome for expats

Good job \"TEAM\" ! liked it heaps.. Will watch this with great expectation. Geeky expats everywhere, hungry for british humour will love this crowd of bad news bears. Thanks for making it free online...nice touch... Dave in the valley.

Hank said
01:46pm 30th Jan, 2006

What a great idea. Done really badly. I just watched the first episode and it\'d\'ve been good if it had 1. A decent storyline, b. Unstereotypical characters and 3. Some funny lines. Other than that it\'s ... very ordinary. (Did anyone actually read the script before pre-production?) Please re-run Massive Landmarks Of The Twentieth Century - THAT was great television but stupid C4 refuse to release it on DVD even though they\'ll probably release this twaddle.

possession said
02:30pm 28th Jan, 2006
Stop getting excited... seriously

You\'re just setting yourselves up for a massive fall. Watch the episode on the channel 4 website, gasp at how shit, unoriginal, un-cutting, un-Morris it is; write a letter to channel 4 complaining and then never ever watch it again. It really is THAT bad.

˜Little Emi replied:
09:23pm 13th Jun, 2008

You really are THAT sad! fancy joining an it crowd FAN SITE, just to post about how you do not like it! Come on, the majority of us are smart and only join fan sites if we like the thing they are about! This is for IT CROWD FANS, so you know you wont win. Ha ha.

vaughny said
06:12pm 27th Jan, 2006
Just Watched It

Just seen it on the website. \"Chairman wow!\"

Bark All D said
11:59am 27th Jan, 2006
Come on....

Great to see this coming on the air just as the number of quality sitcoms seems to have hit a plateau. We have to be pretty hopeful for this one... they have assembled a great team, I will be half expecting to see Coogan, Iannucci or Gervais stroll across shot! It will be lovely to see Noel Fielding back on Tele after following his career since the Hen and Chickens as well as Adam (great show in the 90\'s) Buxton and of course the comedic arrowhead - Chris Morris although his doc style output (day today, brasseye) is stronger than his last attempt with sitcom (Nathan Barley) which was impressive and hilarious in places but perhaps not as innovative. Well done to Channel 4 in commissioning this - they are definitely on the up (Curb, Earl, Six feet under) but need to buy up new Arrested development episodes as the BBC are too inept to see a good thing when it falls in their lap… any thoughts?? .

AuntIrma said
02:34pm 13th Jan, 2006
General Chat

Your general discussions

˜LOL replied:
12:01am 19th Jan, 2006

did you ayoade in nathan barley, that was definatley teh best thing chris morris has done

˜LOL replied:
12:04am 19th Jan, 2006

lol I forgot to write see

˜boggled replied:
09:28am 21st Jan, 2006

is it just me or on the episode guide is four and 5 the same?

˜bigsize replied:
04:01pm 25th Jan, 2006

Cant wait to see chris morris back on our screens, he is not only one of the finest men in comedy and a first class actor, writer and director, he is also a twisted musical genius.

˜vaughny replied:
07:54am 26th Jan, 2006

\"Reactions\" it, like it. If this is half as good as Father Ted and twice as good as Nathan Barley then I\'ll love it. ;-) Keep it mencap, lads.

˜theitcrowd replied:
01:06pm 28th Jan, 2006

Just seen the first episode, does anyone else think it is better than Brasseye? No? That\'s because it is sh*t

˜Jamie replied:
11:07pm 2nd Feb, 2006

i wasn\'t gonna bother writing anything but i felt i had to post something in reation to all the negativity on here, this show cracks me up and to be honest it makes me like it even more when i see all the ridiculous crowing about how it\'s not like brasseye etc etc... its not meant to be! anyway getting back to the point i\'m loving this show and telling people to watch it, cos it\'s dead funny.

˜K666 ADM replied:
10:33pm 4th Feb, 2006

I found the IT crowd really good, well scripted, acted and some great observational comedy. Best since Garth Marenghi\'s Dark Place.

˜scarlett replied:
04:47pm 5th Feb, 2006

I really think there must be something seriously wrong with anyone who doesnt laugh continuously at thus programme,its the funniest thing thats been on tv for a very long time and, it is outstanding, a million times better than the office and is sure to become a massive success, i cannot wait for the next episode.

˜jules replied:
05:13pm 23rd Feb, 2007

I managed to show it to people at work -- it made every IT person I work with/for etc. ROARED laughing.

˜Johnny_dra replied:
07:36am 13th Apr, 2007

hey wassup guys I'm from Canada so I don't get too many uk shows outside coronation street(bleh) I was looking for something new to watch and within minutes I was hooked. keep up the good work.

theDean said
09:32am 12th Jan, 2006
Re: Huzzah! Can\'t wait...

Look\'s good Can\'t wait

Rockstoneb said
02:55pm 11th Jan, 2006

Anyone know of a darkplace DVD?

˜cameron replied:
10:53am 7th Mar, 2006

It will be coming soon (go on to find out about the DVD and other interesting things

˜AuntIrma replied:
11:09am 14th Jun, 2006

Yes indeed: Garth Marenghi's Darkplace on DVD

granty said
09:31pm 22nd Dec, 2005
woo hoo

this sounds good - im hoping the geeks are like the one off the office placed by that garth marenghi dude

˜Rockstoneb replied:
02:50pm 11th Jan, 2006

Actually yeah he was fucking class!

Mart said
04:42pm 22nd Dec, 2005
Good luck

Good luck with the show. Can\'t wait to see it.

Alex said
03:16pm 20th Dec, 2005
Can\'t Wait!

It looks like the comedy equivalent of a super-group, some of my favourite writers and actors all in one place! I really liked Richard Ayoade as Saboo in The Mighty Boosh and Nathan Barley, his delivery is just stunning. Chris Morris\' track record speaks for itself and the same can be said for the writers. Looks like a classic in the making.

Emzey said
12:52am 7th Dec, 2005

Just came across this place by accident, but after reading the synopsis for the show I am really looking forward to it. I\'m a huge fan of Noel Fielding and The Mighty Boosh so I am looking forward to seeing him as a goth in episode 6. Keep up the good work!

˜goth girl replied:
08:13am 2nd Feb, 2008

you rule!!!!!!!the mighty boosh is my fav show then it's the it crowd.

˜Little Emi replied:
10:03pm 8th Mar, 2008

hi Emzey...thats my nickname too, just spelt like this: EMZIE. you sound a lot like me!!! And goth girl I have the same fav shows as you in order. Kool!

˜goth girl replied:
07:19am 6th Apr, 2008

kool its soooooooooo gtreat if you hav someone you can bond with!

luther said
10:56am 6th Dec, 2005
What\'s all this about then?

see subject line

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