Yesterday's Jam

Scene 6

Jen: I cannot believe you are going to tell on me. You're like a pair of horrible old women.

Moss: What did she say?

Roy: She said we're like horrible old women.

Moss: She didn't.

Denholm: Hey, guys. I hear you've got something to tell me.

Roy: Err yes well , it's like this.

Denholm: Look at you. My IT team. Team players, each and everyone of you.

Roy: Yeah, well she ahh...

Denholm: There's no room for people who can't act in a team on my team.

(phone rings)

Excuse me.

Hello. What? Well if you can't work as a team you're all fired. That's it you heard me, fired. Get your things and go.

Hello security. Everyone on floor four is fired. Escort them from the premises and do it as a team. Remember you're a team and if you can't act as a team you're fired too.

Dawn. Get on to recruitment. Get them to look for a security team that can work as a team. They may have to escort the current security team from the building for not acting like a team.

Team. Team. Team. Team. Team. Team. I even love saying the word team. You probably thing that's a picture of my family. Uh uh. It's the A Team. Body; Doyle; Tiger; The Jewellery Man. The whole lot of them. So what do you want to tell me.

Moss: Well it's just not working out.

Roy: Hahaha. He's joking.

Moss: But you said.

Denholm: Not working out?

Roy: Oh no! We are getting on like a big house on fire.

Moss: My ear's getting hot!

Roy: No. You know what, we should leave now because, you know, you're a busy man and we've taken up far too much of your time. Jen, could you just get the door for me, there?

Jen: Absolutely Roy!

Denholm: So, why did you come here in the first place?

Roy: Errmmm. We set up a voice activation system on your computer. Err I think you're gonna enjoy it. It might just take a little while to get the pitch right on the voice but none the less go ahead. Thank you very much, bye bye.

Denholm: Thank you. How exciting.

Hello. Hello computer. Hello. Hello. Hello computer.

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